We recently blogged about new research that reported a rise in physical activity levels alongside a rise in obesity (here). Jonathan Ross — fitness expert for Discovery Fit & Health and creator of Aion Fitness – reports on why he thinks this is happening.

The right type of exercise that is part of a larger pattern of health behaviors in your day-to-day life is the only way to have success with fitness in fighting obesity. It is silly to isolate one out of many behaviors that would contribute to a result as the only factor in that result. 

Imagine if I was in school and I studied hard and completed all of my assignments in math, but blew off all of my other subjects.  With a great grade in math, and terrible grades in other studies, I would fail for the year.  Would you them claim that math is useless as a learning tool?  Of course not. 

Practicing a holistic health plan is the only way to truly be in control of your weight.

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