Calls to curb cosmetic surgery sales techniques‘ (Department of Health)

People want to see tighter restrictions around the cosmetic surgery industry in a bid to protect patients from some of the more aggressive sales techniques according to an interim report published today by the NHS Medical Director, Sir Bruce Keogh’s review into cosmetic interventions.

Suggestions that the majority of respondents wanted to see implemented include:

  • Banning free consultations for cosmetic surgery so that people don’t feel obliged to go through with surgical procedures.
  • Ensuring consultations are with a medical professional, not a sales adviser.
  • Imposing tighter restrictions on advertising including banning two for one, time limited deals and cosmetic surgery as competition prizes.
  • requiring a two stage written consent for surgery so people have time to reflect before making a decision.
  • Providing better information for patients including photos of expected bruising and scarring, and more detail on the risks associated with surgery.

Dr Rosemary Leonard, review committee member said:

“It is wrong that the first consultation is with a sales person rather than a medical professional. Surgery – indeed any cosmetic intervention – is a serious step, and a patient must be told about the immediate side effects after surgery as well as any potential long term effects on their health.”

Read more from this press release here

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