Could broccoli really be a superfood?

A recent article published by the Daily Mail says that sulforaphane, a chemical found in broccoli, could prevent the spread of breast cancer.

A laboratory study at the University of Michigan carried out directly on breast cancer cells and mice injected with cancer cells found that sulforaphane halted the progression of tumours and prevented the growth of breast cancer stem cells. 

NHS Choices analysis of the Daily Mail article states:

‘This research has generally been well represented by the Daily Mail.  However, people should not be confused into thinking that these laboratory findings mean that eating broccoli is likely to stop cancer in its tracks.

This valuable research has found that sulforaphane, a natural compound found in broccoli sprouts, does appear to have some anti-cancer properties.

However, this research is in its very early stages, and there are no immediate implications for breast caner treatment or prevention.  Most importantly, it cannot be assumed that eating broccoli is comparable to applying the sulforaphane compound directly to cancer cells under controlled conditions.’

To read the full article from the Daily Mail click here and to read the post from NHS Choices, click here.

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