With recent reports marking Britain as the third laziest country in Europe, London fitness instructors team-up with Fitness Unleashed™ – to take on the challenge to shape up Brits.

Britain being named as the third slothful country in Europe has inspired Fitness Unleashed™ to bring more energy to Brits- through mass fun exercise events across London, and abroad.

Fitness instructors include founder of Fitness Unleashed™, Craig Addison an international fitness presenter who runs some of the most successful Zumba® and Ceroc classes across London, Lindsay Jay specialising in body conditioning, yoga and Zumba®, and Jessica Zoo head coach of Zoo Fever Cheerleaders and the creator of Cheerobics®.

Craig Addison, Director of Fitness Unleashed™ says, “With a majority of the nation leading hectic daily lifestyles; many blame the rush hour traffic home, family commitments, or demanding day job for the lack of fitness in their weekly regime. After a long day, often reaching the front door rarely creates a desire to unearth the dusty fitness DVD, commute to the local gym or find a fitness class!

“For these same reasons, I also once opted for the daily takeaway over a monotonous gym treadmill. It wasn’t until being dragged along to a dance fitness class that my perception of exercise was changed for more reasons than the obvious health benefits. Experiencing a room filled with participants from every walk of life smiling, laughing and enjoying the class together led my career into becoming a full time dance and fitness professional specialising in Zumba® and Ceroc.

“The success to a healthier lifestyle often starts by creating a commitment to change and in some cases developing the confidence to walk into a class by yourself can be a daunting experience. Many participants who once started nervously at the back of my classes have now made their way to the front row with greater self assurance, increased energy and in one case a 4 stone weight loss!

“However, even with all the benefits of exhilarating fitness classes, helping to change Britain’s status from being ‘among the laziest in Europe’ is no easy task! For those looking to try fitness for the first time or for those fitness fanatics, finding the right programme is essential and a lot of fun in the process.”

Fitness Unleashed™ as well as hosting events throughout the summer in London are also hosting one of the largest fitness holidays of 2012, SunBlast™ fitness holiday in Calpe, Spain, supporting the most popular fitness crazes in one place.

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Source: health4media

Image: iStockphoto

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