A forty second animated video encouraging people to sign an e-petition calling for 5000 more midwives has been launched by the Royal College of Midwives (RCM). The video is the latest move in the RCM’s Protect Maternity Services campaign.

The animation and voiceover highlight the rapidly rising birthrate and the lack of adequate numbers of midwives to cope with the demands being made on maternity services. Viewers of the animation can click straight through to the RCM’s e-petition, and buttons under the video enable it to be shared via Twitter and Facebook.

The e-petition calling for 5000 more midwives is one of the top ten most popular petitions with over 46,000 signatures so far. 100,000 signatures are needed by August 22nd 2012 to generate a parliamentary debate on the issue.

RCM Chief Executive, Cathy Warwick, said: “I hope that the animation will be shared by midwives and the public with colleagues, family and friends. We really need people to get behind this campaign and to sign our petition.

The Government know there is a problem and are committed to training more midwives, but what is needed are more midwifery jobs. It is pointless training more midwives if they cannot get employment.”

The animation can be viewed at and a direct link to the

e-petition is

Image: iStockphoto

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