Following our blog from Dr Fiona Holland on re-evaluating judgements about our bodies to promote self-esteem, we have seen some real developments on this subject in recent days.  The All Party Parliamentary Group on Body Image has released a report, ‘Reflections on body image’, supporting the need for the promotion of positive body image:

“There is a growing amount of evidence that body image dissatisfaction is high and on the increase and is associated with a number of damaging consequences for health and wellbeing.”

It details concerns that negative body image can cause a lack of self-confidence, depression, physical, emotional and societal problems.

Click here to read the full report

Guardian article: MPs report that “Girls aged five worry about their body image”

BBC report: Body image issues cause bullying, according to MPs’ report

Dr Fiona Holland will be hosting the lecture: Building body esteem: re-evaluating judgements about the bodies we live in and work with (8 July, 3.30pm-4.45pm).

International Therapist: FHT members can read Dr Fiona Holland’s article on body esteem, published in October IT (pages 36-38), by clicking here

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