FHT Virtual Conference: Dr Kate Beaven-Marks

Presentation: Self-Care Approaches with BLSDr Kate Beaven-Marks

Whichever complementary therapies you offer, do you ever make time for your own self-care? In order to be the best therapist that you can be, then training and experience are important, and so is your own health. To be there for others, you need to be there for yourself first. Indeed, you may take care of your body with hydration, good food and exercise. Now you can learn a range of self-care approaches and development tools which will help you take care of your mind.

 In my presentation I will talk about how to use a concept called ‘bilateral stimulation’ (BLS) which uses alternating right and left hemisphere stimulation to activate and integrate information, such as healthy resources. BLS, a key component of EMDR therapy (eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing) can be easily undertaken by the self, simply by clicking, tapping, looking or moving in certain ways. You will learn these, together with how to apply a range of self-applied BLS techniques.

Firstly, well-formulated goals that meet your core values give you a starting point and a direction in which to focus your efforts. Using BLS when developing SMART goals and core values will help strengthen your connection to these.

Secondly, BLS can be effectively employed to enhance the development of a mental favourite place of relaxation (FPOR). This offers a useful ‘time out’ from a busy day and just a few minutes spent in your FPOR can be more refreshing and revitalising than a nap if you are feeling tired or pressured.

Also, the mental relaxation can form a superb starting point for affirmations (positive self-statements) which can be used, with BLS, to strengthen someone’s sense of self, enhancing self-esteem and boosting resilience.  

Bringing all these individual tools together, you can then use mental rehearsal with BLS to practice how you would like to feel and respond in future situations.

In addition, in the presentation, you will learn how to address any stress, unwanted thoughts, feelings or sensations, with a range of simple yet effective self-soothing BLS approaches.

Finally, a little about me. My earlier career in risk and health management (including high risk and heavy industries, education and local government) led to an interest in the psychology of communication and how we can use language most effectively. Incidentally, much of my learning was distilled into my book, ‘How to Communicate More Effectively’. Even then, I had a passion for teaching and presenting at conferences, both UK-based and international.

You will find that my ‘official’ bio now talks about me being an experienced clinical hypnotist, hypnotherapist and trainer, teaching with HypnoTC and creating courses with Hypnosis-Courses.com (co-founder), as well teaching within Universities, Colleges and in the NHS. This work is supported by my extensive studies and research, including my MSc in Psychology exploring the relationship between mindfulness, anxiety and hypnotic suggestibility.

As part of my doctoral research, where I studied hypnotherapy teaching and learning from a professionalism perspective. I completed training with many (200+) international hypnosis and hypnotherapy training providers, and now have a personal library of hypnosis-related books and resources that would likely appeal to even the most avid enthusiast.

The additional benefit of all this study and research is being able to apply those vast resource of skills and knowledge for a broad range of practical applications including work in medical and surgical hospital environments, maintaining a busy London-based hypnotherapy practice, and, of course, my hypnotherapy teaching.

My ‘official bio’ also mentions my work and passion for contributing to the hypnotherapy profession and raising hypnotherapy education standards, with an advisory role for the CNHC (on the profession specific board for hypnotherapy) and as Chair of the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis (BSCH).

However, you may also like my ‘unofficial’ bio…. I like pretty much everything and anything hypno-related.

Before I did anything else, my first job was teaching roller skating, including some of the dancers for Starlight Express!

A definite ‘speaker junkie’ I love being in front of a group speaking about anything hypno-related. I have spoken to groups from two people, up to 1100, in the UK and internationally and regularly presents online, as well as in person, not just for hypno, but for all types of events from corporate settings, to risk management, health and wellbeing, safety and even educational conferences.

Another passion is writing. This started when I co-authored Sam the Sleepy Sheep. A story book that uses hypnotic language to help children sleep better. I then wrote my communication book and learned so much from that process, such as that it really could have been a series of books, rather than one huge volume. My presentation skills were already a contributor to my HypnoDemoTM training programme, and then formed the basis for my book, Powerful Hypnosis Presentations: The HypnoDemoTM Approach. My most recently published book, Persuasive Therapy: 101 Ways to Influence your Therapy Clients is receiving fantastic feedback from not just hypnotherapists but also talking therapists, physical therapists and medics as well. Finally, on the topic of books, there is a new book in the editing stage. I am already so excited about publishing it. Keep an eye on my website as it will be launched there first.

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