Oh Magazine readers encouraged to try reflexology

This September, we encouraged visitors to Oh Magazine’s website to treat their feet to some reflexology and highlighted five great reasons why they should try this gentle but powerful therapy:

  1. Reflexology can help to reduce anxiety, improve sleep and mood, and relieve tension.
  2. Many people use reflexology to help them manage long-term health conditions.
  3. People of all ages can potentially benefit from reflexology and the power of positive touch.
  4. Reflexology can help to mobilise stiff or tired toes, ankles and feet.
  5. As reflexology usually only treats the feet, it can be enjoyed just about anywhere!

At the end of the article, readers are encouraged to visit FHT’s website to find a professional reflexologist in their area. And for those who enjoy the print version of Oh Magazine, we have also promoted our members with a full-page print advert in the September issue.

If you’re not familiar with Oh Magazine, this beautifully illustrated publication has a readership of 120,000 and offers a fresh perspective, covering new ways of looking inside ourselves and out. Oh offers mindfulness for everyday living, with mindful activities and adventures for readers who want to live ‘on purpose’.

Read our article on Oh Magazine’s website

Picture: Akshaya Premjith from Pexels

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