Natural Health article tackles four common myths about therapies 

As well as promoting FHT members and the amazing range of therapy services they have to offer, we also take great pride in promoting best practice in popular consumer titles.  

In an article published on Natural Health’s website this month, the FHT addresses four common myths about complementary, beauty and sports therapies… 

Myth 1: ‘Alternative’ and ‘complementary’ therapies are the same thing.  
We highlight the importance of using therapies alongside conventional medicine, and not as an ‘alternative’. 

Myth 2: If something is natural, it’s safe.  
Here we emphasise that while essential oils have amazing health-boosting properties, they can cause harm if not used properly. 

Myth 3: Beauty therapy is just about aesthetics and ‘looking pretty’. 
We touch just a few different ways that beauty therapy can be used to help support people with serious health problems and body esteem issues. 

Myth 4: Sports massage is only for athletes. 
Far from it! We explain that sports massage can be used to tackle a range of muscular aches and pains caused by everyday activities. 

At the end of the article, readers are directed to FHT’s Directory to find a local therapist who is professional, suitably qualified and accountable. And to promote our members even more, we also have a direct link to the FHT Directory on the Natural Health website homepage throughout September, as well as a full page advert in the September issue of the printed magazine. 

Click here to read the full article on Natural Health’s website 

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