Revisiting some of your reflexology favourites

As World Reflexology Week (20-26 September) draws nearer, we thought we’d re-share a short self-help video and a handful of reflexology articles published in International Therapist magazine. Enjoy!

Hand reflexology routine
In this short video, Kate Mulliss, MFHT, shows viewers how to work reflex points on the hands that can help to address stress and anxiety.
Watch Kate’s video

Steps to health
Six FHT members explain how they are supporting clients with different health and wellbeing needs, from pregnancy and Parkinson’s disease, to cancer care and fibromyalgia. (First published in International Therapist, Autumn 2019.)
Read the full article

Reflexology – pregnancy and labour
Dr Julie McCullough talks about researching the effects of antenatal reflexology on pregnancy and labour outcomes. (First published in International Therapist, Spring 2018).
Read about Julie’s research

Stress reflex
Carol Samuel, PhD, FFHT, examines the link between stress and pain, and looks at how reflexology can help. (First published in International Therapist, Autumn 2017).
Read Carol’s article

Reflexology and autism
Lorraine Senior, MFHT, talks about introducing reflexology to a school for children with autism. (First published in International Therapist, Winter 2018.)
Read Lorraine’s article

A big thank you to our lovely reflexology members who contributed to the video and articles above.

Did you enjoy these articles?
The FHT regularly publishes articles on reflexology in International Therapist magazine. To find out more about the many benefits of being an FHT member, visit

Picture: VTCT

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