FHT gives tips to Natural Health readers on essential oils for travel

In an article published on Natural Health website, aromatherapist and FHT Vice President Mary Dalgleish offers tips on how to use essential oils safely to tackle some common health complaints associated with travelling.

In Essential Oils: Natural Travel Companions For Your Health, Natural Health readers learn:

  • how sniffing one or two drops of ginger essential oil can help to tackle nausea, vomiting and motion sickness;
  • that neroli can help to reduce holiday anxiety;
  • which essential oils make useful insect repellents; and
  • how chamomile and rose hydrosols can be used to soothe mild sunburn.

At the end of the article, Mary covers some important safety advice when using essential oils and readers are directed to FHT’s Directory to find a registered, qualified and insured aromatherapist in their area.

To help promote our members to those with an interest in natural approaches to health and wellbeing even more, we also have a direct link to the FHT Directory on the Natural Health website homepage throughout July, as well as a full page advert in the July issue of the printed magazine.

Click here to read Mary’s article on Natural Health’s website

Picture credit: karlyukav at www.freepik.com

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