Daily actions to help you jump back into action this July

Every month, Action for Happiness produces a calendar packed with daily actions we can take to increase our own happiness and that of others around us.

This July, the charity’s ‘Jump back up July’ calendar focuses on daily actions to help you bounce back after the past year.

On day 28, ‘think about what you can learn from a recent problem’, consider the following points…

  1. How you felt about the problem when it arose, what were your thoughts and reactions?
  2. List some positives about the way that you handled that problem
  3. Reflect on what you might do differently next time

The calendar is free to download as a PDF or image file (JPEG) in 16 different languages. You can also download the actions straight to your calendar using a Google Calendar or iCalendar file.

Download the July 2021 Action for Happiness calendar

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