“How complementary therapy has helped me” – a new survey for your clients

Have your complementary therapy treatments helped to improve the physical, mental or emotional wellbeing of your clients?

As a result of having treatments with you, have your clients…

  • Noticed an improvement in the problem they were seeking help for?
  • Noticed other improvements in their health and wellbeing, that they weren’t expecting?
  • Reduced the number of times they have needed to see their GP or other health professional?
  • Reduced the amount of prescribed or over-the-counter medication they were taking?
  • Reduced the amount of care they have needed from another person?
  • Been able to return to work, or activities and hobbies that they previously enjoyed?
  • Felt motivated to make other changes to their lifestyle, such as improving their diet or taking more exercise?

If the answer is ‘yes’ to one or more of these questions, then we’d like to invite you to share a short new survey with your clients.

What is the purpose of this survey?

The aim is to gather some ‘grassroots’ data – direct from clients/patients themselves – about the positive impact that complementary therapy is having on their health and wellbeing. This will then be presented to the media, government and health and care agencies, to demonstrate (among other things) how complementary therapies can be used, alongside conventional medicine, to not only help address the needs of the individual, but to also take pressure off the health and care system.

We do not anticipate that this data alone will have the power to change hearts and minds overnight, but we are confident that it will enable us to have fruitful conversations with relevant government departments and Ministers about the next steps needed to ensure patients can access the best of both conventional and complementary healthcare.

How is this survey different to others?

Unlike some other surveys, this one is completed by the client/patient themselves. While professional bodies and individual therapists working in the therapy industry all continue to work tirelessly to promote the many benefits offered by complementary therapies, arguably, this can be seen to come from a position of bias and self-interest. We think it’s time to let the public have their say about what helps to improve their physical, mental and emotional health.

Is the survey limited to just complementary therapy?

No. While the dropdown menu does list a range of some of the most popular complementary and sports therapies used by the public, the person completing the form has the option to list any non-statutory regulated therapy that has helped to improve their health and wellbeing. For example, this might include advanced electrolysis, permanent make-up or skin camouflage.

What if my client can’t complete the survey themselves?

If your client is unable to complete the survey, for example, because they are too young or poorly, then a close relative, friend or carer can complete the form on their behalf.

What about data protection?

The information provided in the survey is completely anonymous and doesn’t require your client to share any personal information that would make them identifiable. However, please ensure that you have their permission to send them a link to the survey before doing so.

Can I share the survey with other therapists, for their clients to use?

Yes, as long as they are fully qualified, belong to another respected professional association and their therapies have helped to improve someone’s health and wellbeing. We suggest directing them to this blog item (simply copy and pate the URL), so that they have all of the information above, as well as a link to the survey.

Is there a closing date?

We are aiming to keep the survey live for a year and will be analysing the data on a regular basis. Our first analysis will be in early July 2021, so the sooner you can start sharing this survey with your clients and we get useful data back, the better.

How can my clients access the survey?

Please share one of the following links with your clients, which all go through to the same survey (simply copy and paste your chosen link):


Please complete this short survey

Please complete this short ‘Complementary therapy helped me’ survey

Finally, before sharing the survey with any clients, please have a look at the content but DO NOT complete this survey yourself, as it will create bias.

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