Aromatherapy seminars at the FHT Virtual Congress

To celebrate the start of Aromatherapy Awareness Week (7–13 June 2021), we thought we’d take this opportunity to tell you about our two upcoming aromatherapy seminars at the FHT Virtual Congress, taking place on the 13 and 14 June 2021.

Aromatherapy and sleep with Penny Price

Aromatherapy for sleep! One of our modern ailments in this busy and stressful world is insomnia or being unable to sleep deeply enough for body and mind to recover from the day. Research has shown that aromatherapy techniques can effectively improve both sleep and quality and quality of life and is one of the best complementary health disciplines to do this.

Penny is Managing Director and Academy Principal of Penny Price Aromatherapy. An aromatherapist since 1983, Penny has been teaching aromatherapy since 1986. Penny set up her own school and company in 2003 and spends much of her time in product development and research, as well as releasing resources and spreading the word of aromatherapy through her blog and monthly webinars.

​Seminar length: 56 mins

Examination of six essential oil constituents with Kate Mulliss

This seminar is primarily aimed at those aromatherapists with some understanding of essential oil chemistry. It examines six constituents commonly found in various essential oils and examines some of the research around their potential actions. It will also look at the occurrence of each constituent in various essential oils and the overall therapeutic properties of some of the oils themselves.

Kate has worked as a complementary therapist for over 25 years and taught various complementary therapy qualifications since the late 1990s at her local tertiary college and for private training providers. She currently teaches CPD courses for qualified therapists at TEACH therapy in Wales. Her main therapy interests are in aromatherapy / essential oils and reflexology.

​Seminar length: 28 mins

Tickets to the FHT Virtual Congress are open until 12pm on Friday 11 June, book here.

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