FHT Virtual Congress – Relaxation, meditation and mindfulness for therapists with Christine Browne

In the lead up to the FHT’s first Virtual Congress we have been introducing FHT members to our event speakers. Today we hear from Christine Browne from Tranquility Zone Training in Wiltshire who is sharing mindfulness techniques for therapists in her seminar in June.

Tell us a bit about yourself…

I’ve been involved in complementary therapies for over thirty years now and have worked in different environments including from home and mobile, as a spa therapist, on retreats and in care homes. I began teaching in 1998, completed my teacher training and taught VTCT courses at my local college. Seven years ago, I trained to teach meditation and mindfulness, which I’m also passionate about and love passing on to others.

What interests you outside of work?

I enjoy spending time with my family, walking and yoga. I also enjoy making my own cosmetic balms, oils, and creams. I’ve recently enrolled on an organic skincare formulation diploma and am excited to see where this study leads me.

What is your Virtual Congress seminar about and what can attendees expect to come away with?

The seminar will introduce the topics of relaxation, meditation, and mindfulness and how they can be used by therapists within their work. I’ll explain a bit about the techniques and guide viewers through three short practices which are suitable for self-care as well as passing on to clients.

What is it about your seminar topic that appeals to you and why is it useful to therapists?

I’ve practised meditation for many years and find that the benefits weave throughout all areas of my life. Meditation can be useful for therapists in many ways. A regular personal practise can increase self-awareness and connection with clients, helping you to be fully present and bring fresh perspective to each treatment. Short and simple techniques can also be good to use before or after giving a treatment – especially for therapists who feel they pick up energies or emotions easily from others. When working with clients, techniques can be incorporated into treatments or aftercare to complement the effects of a therapy and help them reach deeper levels of relaxation.

Buy your ticket to the FHT Virtual Congress here.

*Ticket prices: FHT student members £25, FHT members £30, non-FHT members £45

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