New: International Therapist podcast

We are thrilled to share that we are launching our first ever podcast in the run up to the FHT Virtual Congress. In these conversations, we will be speaking to our Virtual Congress seminar hosts, delving into the reasons they first fell in love with therapies and their goals for the future.

We will be sharing new episodes every Monday from 10am, follow our Spotify channel to receive a notification each time a new episodes is released!

Virtual Congress series | Episode one

In the first episode of our Virtual Congress series, we speak to FHT accredited course provider, Marie Duggan from Butterfly Touch Therapies about supporting people living with cancer, what she thinks the next steps are for fully integrating therapies in the NHS, the impact of COVID-19 on therapy training and practice, and much more!

Listen on Spotify

JUST ADDED! In the second episode of our Virtual Congress series, we speak to Dr Peter Mackereth from The Christie Hospital in Manchester – find out more and listen here.

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