Self-care myofascial release with Amanda Oswald

In International Therapist Spring 2021 (issue 136), FHT accredited course provider, Amanda Oswald, from the Pain Care Clinic contributed an article on self-help myofascial release.

Amanda writes, ‘Myofascial release is a therapy that is focused on releasing restrictions and trigger points that have formed in fascia and contribute to chronic pain conditions. Most people think of it as hands-on therapy, but the beauty of myofascial release is that you can do this for yourself through stretches or exercises using simple tools such as balls.

‘In its natural state fascia is a complex, three-dimensional web of free moving structural tissue that constantly shapes and reshapes itself in response to our movements and the demands we make on it. When healthy, fascia moves fluidly and seamlessly to distribute tension and maintain balance in the body. However, fascia can suffer accident or injury or be damaged in some other way, for example, by surgery. When this happens, the fascial web can snag and lose its ability to move freely. This causes fascial restrictions and trigger points to form, and it is these that can lead to chronic pain.

‘Other major causes of fascial restrictions are the overuse and underuse of our bodies associated with modern lifestyles, psychological stress and trauma. Self-help myofascial release is an effective way of helping yourself out of chronic pain as it progressively allows your body to release and rebalance. We call it the ‘slow fix’ because it takes time for your body to undo itself. Working regularly with your fascia can bring long-term benefits of improved balance and posture, as well as decreasing pain and movement restrictions.’

Read the full article to see Amanda’s self-help exercises.

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Amanda is hosting a seminar at the FHT Virtual Congress in June, where she will demonstrate myofascial release techniques for anyone to use, find out more.

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