Five easy to grow plants for Spring

We all know that spending time outdoors is good for our health, recent studies even show that getting your hands muddy when gardening can increase our serotonin levels.

Being green fingered can seem like an art-form to some and if you fall into this category, we’re here to help. Below are some of the five of the easiest plants to grow in the springtime.


The large yellow flower known for following the sun, the sunflower is one of the most popular (and lucky for us, the one of the easiest) plants to grow in the garden.

Care advice: Sunflower seeds can be planted as soon as the last frost has passed and do best if not moved from its original potting space. Ensure your sunflower has access to full sunlight and is watered daily, they can be known to drink a lot!

Green beans

A climbing plant that will produce delicious green beans to enjoy with your dinner!

Care advice: Green beans don’t like the cold so late April or early May is a good time to plant. They require a sunny spot with a support to climb up, a bamboo cane is typically best placed behind. Keep well watered and pick when they’re around 10cm long.


A much loved plant for our aromatherapists, lavender grows easily in most UK gardens. The most hardy type of lavender is L.Hidcote, it will thrive with little maintenance.

Care advice: Plant in a sunny spot where the ground is quite dry as clay-like soil will prove a problem for lavender. For best results, trim once flowered.


A perfect flower to brighten your garden space, alyssum comes in all colours and will attract pollinators with its sweet smell.

Care advice: Alyssum plants like the sun but can cope with a little shade, if you have a smaller garden space and need the sun for your sunflowers and green beans! This plant is typically maintenance free and does not need regular watering. For best results trim regularly.

Cherry tomatoes

A staple for your summer salad and very easy to look after!

Care advice: Tomatoes perform best grown in a pot, with the seeds being sewn in late April or early May. They need regular sunlight and to be watered regularly. Most importantly, pick when tomatoes are fully ripe so that the plant’s energy can go into producing more fruit!

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