FHT Virtual Congress – Clare Riddell on the anatomy of the foot and ankle

In the lead up to the FHT’s first Virtual Congress we have been introducing FHT members to our event speakers. Today we hear from Clare Riddell from Pressure Point in Nottingham about the bones, bony landmarks, muscles, ligaments and other soft tissue structures in the foot and ankle.

Tell us a bit about yourself…

I have a wide sporting background and began as a martial artist gaining a black belt in karate when I was 18. In my final year at Loughborough University studying a Sports Science degree I had accomplished European Sparring Champion in Shaolin Kung Fu. I then turned my hand to rugby where I represented my country as an England Student only one year after starting the sport. 

After my degree I completed my PGCE and sports massage course which allowed me to progress into teaching, along with running a busy clinic. I started Pressure Point in 2013 teaching private courses for adults in small classes, I firmly believe that enthusiasm, knowledge, experience and a sense of humour make learning fun and enjoyable.

What is your Virtual Congress seminar about and what can viewers expect to come away with?

This seminar will teach you about bones, bony landmarks, muscles, ligaments and other soft tissue structures in the foot and ankle. It will give you a better understanding of what lies beneath the skin, whether you are a sports massage therapist, reflexologist or body massage practitioner. It will also demonstrate some special tests to investigate problem areas of the foot, ankle and calf.

What is it about your topic that appeals to you and why is it useful to therapists?

We spend most of our life on our feet but tend to neglect them and problems with the feet can lead to many other body conditions. I supported a client for neck pain for three treatments before I carried out a postural assessment and found that one foot was flat (pes planus). The client was unaware of this beforehand, when he got specialist orthotics afterwards, his neck pain disappeared! Increasing your anatomical knowledge, or refreshing it, can only make your treatments and understanding of your client’s conditions better.

Buy your ticket to the FHT Virtual Congress here.

*Ticket prices: FHT student members £25, FHT members £30, non-FHT members £45

The 2021 FHT Virtual Congress is sponsored by Power Diary and Gateway Workshops.

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