FHT Virtual Congress – Jane Ford-Farrand on tuning forks and internal time consciousness

In the lead up to the FHT’s first Virtual Training Congress we have been introducing FHT members to our event speakers. Today hear from Jane Ford-Farrand from Soundaffects about her seminar on the concept of ‘the present moment’ and tuning forks.

Tell us a bit of background about yourself…

I am a singer, singing teacher, choral director, sound therapist and therapeutic sound training provider. As a musician I have always been interested in the effects of sound upon individuals but after several years of using a standard method of teaching singing, I discovered that there is a profound connection between using one’s voice and overall wellbeing. This led to my work as an holistic voice coach and from there it was a small step to start to explore the range of other instruments available – eg drums, gongs, singing bowls and tuning forks.

How did you find 2020? What business challenges were presented to you and how did you overcome these challenges?

2020 was interesting! After a momentary panic about how I was going to manage financially, I decided to let go of all resistance to the situation and from then on, things fell into place. I found ways to live very cheaply, absolutely LOVED the time outdoors, discovering new walks, playing of tennis and I also took up golf. Two of my choirs made generous donations and a couple of brave souls asked for online singing lessons! The HMRC grants were invaluable so, all in all, it has been a rather special gift of a time in my life.

How do you usually spend your spare time?

I’ve never really had spare time before now! What this time has shown me is that I love playing tennis and golf, walking on average 5 – 15 miles every day, lots of singing (of course!) and I’ve also taken up the bagpipes. Well, practice has been curtailed recently as one of my sons has been locked down with me and bagpipes are not exactly quiet! I can do a jigsaw puzzle of hours on end and have a peculiar penchant for Joan Hickson playing Miss Marple!

What is your Virtual Congress seminar about and what can attendees expect to come away with?

My virtual congress seminar is about the use of tuning forks to establish a sense of peace and calm in the ‘now’. I hope that viewers will discover how difficult it is for some people to stay in the present moment; worries about the future or regrets and traumatic memories from the past seem all-invasive. Using tuning forks presents a real opportunity to assist these people in keeping their minds focused in the ‘now’.

What is it about your topic that appeals to you and why is it useful for therapists?

I’m excited by the juxtaposition of the theoretical phenomenological work of Edmund Hussler and the practical application of tuning forks to demonstrate what Hussler was proposing over 100 years ago. I’m sure that other therapists would be interested in this too, especially those using meditation or mindfulness techniques in their work.

Do you have a final piece of advice for FHT members?

I believe that doing what you do for intrinsic and not extrinsic reasons is the key to being a successful therapist. If you are doing anything in life for reasons other than those which have been expressly stated then, ultimately, you will not succeed.

Buy your ticket to the FHT Virtual Congress here.

*Ticket prices: FHT student members £25, FHT members £30, non-FHT members £45

The 2021 FHT Virtual Congress is sponsored by Power Diary and Gateway Workshops.

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