The book club bringing together reflexologists during the pandemic

When the first lockdown was announced in March 2020, reflexologist and author Sally Kay, FFHT, launched a book club on Facebook. The group now has thousands of members worldwide and hosts regular live events with authors of reflexology books and other related topics. 

Contributors to these live video streams have been well-known authors such as Lynne Booth MFHT, Jane Sheehan MFHT, Barabra Scott MFHT, Peter Mackereth, Geraldine Villeneuve, Sam Belyea, Sue Ricks and Susan Quayle. FHT Vice President, Mary Dalgliesh, concluded the series for 2020 with her video on the immune system where she read an excerpt from her new book, ‘Know your body, the essential book to anatomy and physiology.’ 

Other sessions have featured authors talking about their work in related subjects such as personal development, self-care, wellbeing business strategies and even self-publishing. 

Sally said, ‘The initiative started as a way of connecting with like-minded reflexologists, creating a community at a time when many of us were feeling exceptionally vulnerable and lonely. It’s brought a lot of comfort at a time of need, we have had many messages saying what a life-line the book club has been and that it offers something to look forward to each week. The group is a fantastic resource for anyone in the complementary therapy field – any FHT members who would like to join are welcome to tap into it.’  

Group member Carla Helgeton, said, ‘The book club is like having a group of teachers there on your computer screen – wisdom, experience and peer support all rolled into one. The group provides camaraderie, support and enthusiasm for more knowledge.’  

The book club is free to join and every one-hour live session is made available for group members to watch. FHT members can complete the reflection for learning and training template after they have watched any of the videos and gain 5 CPD points from their 500-word reflection.  

Join the Reflexology Book Club. 

The next live event will take place with Peter Mackereth on Friday 15 January at 2pm where Peter will be talking about how to adapt reflexology for cancer care. 

Sally Kay FFHT BSc (Hons) was a winner in the FHT 2012 Excellence in Practice Awards. Sally is the author of a bestselling book about Reflexology Lymph Drainage (RLD) and runs an FHT-accredited short course in RLD  

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