Dr. Chatterjee explores the power of compassion as a therapeutic tool

In the season of giving and reflection, we tend to spend some time thinking about others and how we can be there for those around us.

In Episode 138 of his podcast, Feel Better Live More, Dr Chatterjee explores the healing power of compassion with Dr Julian Abel.

Dr Julian Abel spent his working career as a consultant in palliative care. He is joint leader of the Frome Project, which works to combat loneliness in a town in Somerset through building community connections.

In this conversation, Julian explores the evidence of using compassion as a therapeutic tool. He explains that maintaining positive social relationships are at the core of keeping us well and that it can be more powerful than modern day medicines.

Julian reflects on his time as a palliative care doctor, sharing uplifting and empowering stories that truly bring home the reasons why compassion and connection should be at the centre of everything we do.

Listen to Episode 138 of the Feel Better Live More podcast.

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