Take part in an online sleep treatment study run by experts at Northumbria University

Sleep experts at Northumbria University are looking for people who are experiencing issues with their sleep to take part in an online treatment study.

The programme has been launched following a review of COVID-19 sleep studies, which indicate that around 40% of people have been experiencing sleep problems as a result of the pandemic.

Phycologists from Northumbria University believe that they can stop sleep disruption if they are able to intervene at an early stage. The online study looks at educating people on how they can change their behavior in order to sleep better, a method which has proven to be effective on people with insomnia.

Dr Greg Elder, Senior Lecturer in Psychology and Associate Director of Northumbria Sleep Research, says “We know that more and more people are developing problems with their sleep during the pandemic. This is partly due to changes to our lifestyle, which can include spending more time at home and working in the bedroom. We want to use an online version of an established treatment to intervene early and stop short-term sleep problems from becoming a more serious long-term problem. We also want to target good sleepers and prevent sleep problems from happening in the first place.”

There is no deadline in which to apply for the study but participants are required to be aged 18 or over, have access to the internet and to be able to read written English.

Apply to take part in the study.

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