Accessible to all – CPD and resources for members

There are lots of resources available to increase your own awareness of equality and diversity, including a webinar on Unconscious Bias organised by FHT, and reflective practice on our Accessible to All article (International Therapist, Issue 134).

Unconscious bias webinar – Monday, 25 January 2020 (2pm-4pm)

We are delighted to be offering this exciting CPD opportunity, exclusively to FHT members, to help broaden your understanding of inclusivity by exploring the concept of ‘unconscious bias’ via a two-hour webinar. Within this session you will:

  • Identify your own biases and accept that bias exists in all of us.
  • Recognise and understand how unconscious bias might play out in practice, clinic and with other clients.
  • Have a clear plan to challenge your own bias behaviours, and developing more inclusive behaviours.

Members who attended the webinar in November said:

‘Really enjoyed the session today with Vix. She did an excellent job delivering the session – I came away with lots to think about.  It was also great linking up with everyone else and hearing some really interesting stories.’ Lynda Hedgecock.

‘Thank you for some really great content.  I have found the last couple of hours really informative.’

‘Thank you for today it was really helpful and great to speak to other therapists’

Learn more and book our Unconscious Bias webinar taking place on Monday 25 January (2pm-4pm), for just £35 (£45 for non-FHT members).

Accessible to All feature – resources and reflective practice

In our Accessible to All feature, published in International Therapist Autumn 2020 (issue 134), we share the below links to online training, resources, tests, podcasts, books and communities that might come in useful.

Organisations and websites

Your local council – you can find helpful statistics on diversity in your area through your local council website.

Harvard implicit bias – Any of us could have an unconscious bias as a result of the environment we were brought up in. Harvard have created a series of short free tests to check your unconscious biases. Educational links are provided at the end of the test which provide further information.

Future Men – A charity looking to break the social constructs around male behaviours and expectations. This website includes information on community groups and contact details.

Black Lives Matter – Resources to support the Black Lives Matter movement.

Scope UK – A charity focused on achieving equality for disabled people
with useful resources and information.

Articles to help you diversify your business


Free stock images of people from BAME and LGBTQ+ backgrounds.


Duolingo – A free gamified language learning app that helps you to learn languages such as Polish, Hindi, Japanese and Swahili.

British Sign Language (BSL) – This free app provides level 1 sign language tutorial. BSL has also been providing their level 1 course at a discounted rate over the pandemic.


Nancy – Stories and conversations about the LGBTQ+ experience today.

About Race – Reni Eddo-Lodge, author of the book ‘Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race’ looks at the recent history that has led to the politics of today.

Diversifying the Wellness Industry by Yoga Girl – Rachel Brathen discusses how making a change begins with recognising just how far we are from equality and diversity within the wellness industry and taking active steps towards change every day.


Biased: The New Science of Race and Inequality by Dr Jennifer Eberhardt -In this book, Jennifer explains how these unconscious biases affect every sector of society, leading to enormous disparities from the classroom to the courtroom to the boardroom.

Complementary therapies for older people in care by Sharon Tay – This book offers unique information and practical advice on the issues that can be overlooked in complementary therapy training.

Unlocking generational codes by Anna Liotta – Generational expert, Anna Liotta, explains how to overcome the ‘generation gap’ to effectively communicate and develop meaningful relationships with members of all the generations in the workplace and in everyday life.

Looking to gain further CPD points?

To gain five CPD points, visit and download a reflective practice on this feature.

Read the full Accessible to All feature as published in International Therapist, Autumn 2020 (Issue 134).

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