Valuing real bodies: the good therapist’s special skill with Emi Howe

FHT is delighted to support the Virtual Hair & Beauty Show, taking place from Saturday 7 November to Saturday 21 November. In addition to exhibiting at this virtual show, we are proud to support a webinar from Emi Howe at BodEquality.

Emi writes, ‘As a therapist you have probably experienced first-hand the negative relationship that your clients often have with their bodies. Have you ever thought about how, in your role as a therapist, you can promote a better body outlook?

‘Watch my seminar to gain an insight in to body image, challenge how you view your body, the importance of body diversity and why this topic is so relevant to your work.’

Tune in to Emi’s seminar as part of the Virtual Hair and Beauty Show and be inspired by how her cancer survival helped her to discover a new found respect for her body, something which we can all learn from.

Emi is a holistic therapist with over 10,000 hours service, a Sociologist and cancer survivor. She works now as a real bodies advocate. Her BodEquality training programme was compiled to encourage real body thinking and to help us to value ourselves more.

Emi is a member of The Speakers Collective and is proudly speaking for TEDx Northwich in 2021.

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