Don’t miss our exclusive webinar on Unconscious Bias

FHT are delighted to be offering you the opportunity to complete a webinar on Unconscious Bias. Don’t miss this two-hour webinar on Saturday 5 December from 2-4pm, which can gain you up to 7 CPD points and is just £10 for the first 100 FHT members to sign up.

The webinar is being run by the Equality Works group who provide training and consulting on all aspects of equality, diversity and inclusion.

Vix Anderton, trainer at EW group, said, ‘Most people don’t wake up and think, “I am going to discriminate against people in what I say or do today”. We may not intend to hurt and offend, but we must take responsibility for poorly considered words and actions.

‘The focus of these sessions isn’t just the science and theory behind unconscious bias, it’s on what people can do about it in their day-to-day lives. Through our tailored approach to unconscious bias training, we show delegates how to account for bias when they make decisions with, or about colleagues, or when interacting with clients.

‘No two of our sessions are the same. We take the time to understand the specific challenges and working context faced by our attendees and focus on personal experiences and relevant examples to help bring the training to life.’

Webinar objectives:

  1. Identify own biases and accept that bias exists in all of us.
  2. Recognise and understand how unconscious bias might play out in practice, clinic and with our clients.
  3. Have a clear plan for challenge your own biased behaviours, and developing more inclusive behaviours.

Book your place on the Unconscious Bias webinar today.

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