Discover stories on disability with a new BBC Four series

To mark 25 years since the passing of the Disability Discrimination Act, which made discrimination against disabled people unlawful, BBC Four has launched a series sharing stories about disability.

‘The CripTales’ showcases a series of compelling and unexpected stories from disabled people. Each short episode brings to life the impact that having a disability can have on a person’s life, from the positives to the prejudices.

Just a few of the stories include an actor called Mat who takes a look back at the discriminations he faced in his auditions, a lady called meg who forged an unexpected friendship and a children’s writer who tells a tale of how she came to fall in love with her next door neighbour.

These short videos will be available on BBC iPlayer for a year.

Have you been touched by the stories in this series? The FHT have just launched an Unconscious Bias webinar where you can develop your your knowledge of equality and diversity and explore ways to make your therapy practice more inclusive. Book your place at

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