TWO.O: stories about meditation, with a twist

A project showcasing unique places to meditate and the benefits of the practice has launched on Instagram.

TWO.O was launched by Tommi Turunen, a business designer and photographer from Finland. Tommi was on his way home when he noticed a young woman meditating in the middle of a busy street on his way home. Tommi said, ‘I was amazed! I thought “How could she meditate there? Was it appropriate? What was she thinking?” And then it struck me. Why not?

‘Most people are aware of the benefits of meditation, but it is still a sort of taboo – hidden from the busy everyday life, streets, kindergartens, schools and workplaces. TWO.O – meditation everywhere was founded to change all this. I have started to arrange photoshoots, creating new ways of seeing meditation as part of everyday life. While shooting photos and interviewing I’ve met a lot of interesting, intelligent and passionate people with the same goal.’

The project is still in it’s early stages but Tommi hopes to see it grow, in turn raising awareness of meditation and it’s benefits.

Discover TWO.O meditation anywhere stories at

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