Mindfulness in rugby

In a feature published in International Therapist Summer 2020, we spoke to Head of Medical Services for premiership rugby team Harlequins, Mike Lancaster, about how they have crossed the advantage line in connecting sport and mindfulness.

The team were first introduced to mindfulness in 2018 with an approach that not everybody will want to get involved. Instead of making mindfulness mandatory, the club first earmarked a handful of players who were open to the idea.

As word spread about the benefits of mindfulness, the entire team were asked their thoughts on the idea of group sessions. The team welcomed the idea and now have weekly group sessions, as well as the option for individual sessions.

Mike said, ‘Sports psychology has been used for many years but we’re the  first premiership team to implement mindfulness sessions and have a coach available twice a week for players. Thankfully, we are seeing more athletes opening up about their mental health and I think that will only continue to go from strength to strength.’

Read the full feature as published in International Therapist Summer 2020 (issue 133) here.

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