Things for Autumn

In each issue of International Therapist magazine, we publish a series of activities that FHT members can try that season.

In the latest issue we shared ‘Things for Autumn’, will you try any of the below activities as we head into the colder months?


18 October 

31 October 


5 November

November 22 – December 21 

26 November

01 December

Sow your cold-hardy vegetables such as carrots, kale, cabbage and Brussel sprouts. If you plant them now, they should be ready in time to make a perfect accompaniment to your Christmas dinner.  

A recent survey by Avon found that 47% of women don’t feel ready for the menopause. This World Menopause Day, make a difference to future generations of women by breaking the stigma around talking about the menopause.  

Decorating your home doesn’t just have to be at Christmas. Go spooky with pumpkins, bats and ghouls for the kids, or use Halloween as an excuse to bring autumn inside with leaf garlands and seasonal flowers.  

Did you know that small animals such as hedgehogs and field mice can sometimes hide in bonfires? Raise awareness and encourage people to check for animals by sharing these ten top tips for protecting wildlife.  

Try something new this bonfire night and watch a drone display instead of fireworks. Check if there’s anything local to you or marvel at the incredible drone shows across the world from the comfort of your home.

Did you know that you can find essential oils corresponding to birth dates in astrology? Sagittarius corresponds with the essential oil ylang-ylang (Cananga odorata).  Known for its sweet scent and soothing properties,  ylang-ylang can be perfect for relieving emotional stress during tense times – why not try a few drops in a diffuser or oil burner? 

View our articles on aromatherapy for information on safe use of essential oils at 

Though typically a tradition celebrated in America, Thanksgiving is a fantastic opportunity to reflect on the year so far and give thanks to loved ones. Take the time to send a message and tell a friend or family member why you are thankful to have them in your life.  

Cold water swimming is said to boost the immune system and improve mental health. Invigorate yourself by taking a dip in your local sea or river this December. Please note: it is important to warm up slowly when exiting the water and to seek GP advice if you have an existing condition that may be impacted by the shock of cold water.

If you have any ideas of content you would like to see included on these pages in future issues, perhaps a recipe, date for the calendar or craft idea, please contact Leanne Sheill at

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