The Skin Collaborative

Pictured: Emma Holly front right; Vanessa Jane Davies back row, fourth from the right

Two FHT members have joined forces in business to offer their clients a full package of options to support their skin complications.

Para-medical skin camouflage consultant, Vanessa Jane Davies, and ScarWork expert Emma Holly, had hoped to begin working together in February 2020 but due to COVID-19, launched their collaboration a few months later than anticipated.

Vanessa runs five clinics in five locations across the country, including her flagship clinic at 10 Harley Street. She was inspired by Emma’s feature on ScarWork (published in International Therapist, Issue 125), and decided to attend Emma’s four day course on the therapy to discover the benefits first-hand.

Following the course, Vanessa approached Emma to ask if she would be interested in working together in her Harley Street Clinic as she was unable to signpost her clients to scar work therapist in her area.

Emma said, ‘It is easy to get used to working alone and to be cautious about letting someone into a business you have spent years building. I think it’s important to find someone who you can be completely honest with, as freedom to speak easily and frankly without fear of upsetting them is essential.

‘What was different about Vanessa over other opportunities for collaboration, was that her commitment and ambition matched mine.’

Vanessa said, ‘Despite taking very different careers paths, it is clear from our stories that Emma and I are both motivated by the same goal – to improve the lives and confidence of people living with skin differences.

‘We believe this collaboration will offer a unique and highly professional para-medical service to those affected by scarring. Professional standards are incredibly important to us, which is why being members of FHT is key in ensuring that our clients are protected from those who fall short with their professional education and training standards.’

Read the full feature as published in International Therapist Summer 2020, issue 133.

*Information correct at the time of publishing (July 2020)

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