FHT Vice President Maria Mason shares her salon cancellation policy

In a recent Professional Beauty webinar, FHT Vice President Maria Mason, discussed how she prevents last-minute cancellations at her award-winning salon Beauty Time.  

Maria begins by outlining the approach she takes to all clients. Maria says, ‘I treat everyone the same, whether they have been a client with me for years or are a new client. I explain our two-tier cancellation policy and outline that “as a professional therapist, I am also selling my time”‘  

‘If a client cancels within 24-hours of their appointment for the first time, I will touch base with them to let them know that I have recorded their cancellation and that I will charge them if it happens again. I tend to say, “I hate doing this, but I need 24-hours’ notice, please respect that we are trying to run a business.”‘  

Mobile therapists 

‘For mobile therapists I would advise to still keep a record, perhaps in your appointment diary.  Mobile therapists are often more friendly but you are still running a business, you still require respect and need to take yourself seriously as a professional therapist.’  

View Maria’s cancellation policy at Beauty Time here.  

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