Results of the BBC Radio 4’s Touch Test

In International Therapist Summer 2020 (issue 133), we shared a news item about a new study on touch called The Touch Test.

Commissioned by the Wellcome Collection and BBC Radio 4, the study which was launched in January 2020, looked to explore people’s attitudes towards the physical experience of touch.

Almost 40,000 people took the Touch Test which was run across 112 different countries. Results showed that the majority of respondents (72%) viewed touch positively and nearly half of us (43%) said society doesn’t enable us to touch enough.

Other interesting findings include that 63% of respondents disliked being touched by a stranger and 61% said a hug from their partner before bed had a positive effect on their sleep.

The three most common words used to describe touch were comforting, warm and love.

Read the full results of The Touch Test.

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