FHT contributes to the October issue of Natural Health magazine

We are delighted to have contributed an article to Natural Health magazine’s October issue, to promote the FHT, our members and the therapies they practice.

In the article, we outline ten reasons to embrace complementary therapies. Just a few of these include, that they treat the underlying cause of a symptom, that they are natural and that they help us take a more active role in our self-care.

When introducing readers complementary therapies at the beginning of the article, FHT Vice President, Mary Dalgleish, says, ‘Complementary therapies are very much focused on the person ‘as a whole’, with the therapist taking into account all aspects of your general health and wellbeing, so that
they can choose and adapt a treatment to suit your individual needs.’

‘As well as helping to restore balance to the body and mind, complementary therapies can often help to address problems that modern medicine struggles to treat effectively, from lower back pain and chronic fatigue, to a raft of stress-related complaints.”

We also highlight some key safety points and direct natural health readers to FHT’s directory to find a professional therapist.

Read the full article here.

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