WRW: Stress and reflexology

In an article contributed to International Therapist Autumn 2017, Dr Carol Samuel, looks at how reflexology can support clients living with stress and pain.

Reflexology has been proven to help people living with acute and chronic stress by helping to relax the body and mind. During this incredibly difficult time, many people are dealing with additional stress and visiting a therapist for a reflexology treatment can be a fantastic way to help manage stress and anxiety.

In her feature, Dr Samuel shares a case study of a 34-year-old primary school teacher who required treatment for left-sided shoulder pain caused by a whiplash injury in 2009. She explains that although the initial cause of the injury was whiplash, the body held onto the memory of that incident, both physically and emotionally, long after the pain experience had ended.

Dr Carol Samuel writes, ‘The treatment sessions focused on lots
of relaxation, providing a quiet space for the client to release both verbally and emotionally without judgement. I used a combination of nerve reflexology, classic foot reflexology and linking techniques.

‘When stress is involved in an illness it is important to work the limbic system to access the emotions and the autonomic nervous system to promote allostasis.’

Read the full feature as published in International Therapist (Autumn 2017, issue 122)

In the next issue of International Therapist magazine, Dr Rachael Waston, looks at the physiology behind pain and how complementary therapies can help clients living with pain. Issue 134 of International Therapist is due to land on members doorsteps on 16 October 2020.

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