Celebrating National Massage day and Pro-Touch Awareness month

This year National Massage Day (NMD) will be held on 1 October, coinciding with Pro-Touch Awareness Month, which runs throughout October.

This year the focus has been shifted from encouraging people to ‘join the hands-on revolution’ to taking a look at how we can touch the lives of others when physical touch is no longer possible.

Organised by Liz Badger, founder of The Therapist Business Club and Face The World, the aim of these two initiatives is to raise awareness about the many benefits of complementary therapies, and ultimately the importance connection.

Anyone interested in getting involved is encouraged to share any free and online information on the following subjects –

  • Combating loneliness and help for when self-isolating
  • Self-care tips for mental health
  • Online help for supporting clients
  • As always, examples of volunteering, paying it forward and supporting others.

Please note: when sharing information it needs to be in the form of a link and free of charge/public e.g blog posts, on-line videos, downloadable free e-books or podcasts etc. They will be tagged into a free Facebook library as an inspiring resource for everyone to access and share.

For therapists wanting to get involved, there is a range of support materials available at protouchawarenessmonth.co.uk, including a special Facebook group, where members are invited to share any information they have.

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