Anxiety in teens reduced during COVID-19 pandemic


Researchers at Bristol University have found that teenagers aged between 13 and 14 felt less anxious and more connected to school during the COVID-19 lockdown.

In October 2019, more than half (52%) of the 13-14 year old girls surveyed and 26% of boys in the same age group said they felt at risk of anxiety.

When the same study was conducted in May 2020, a few months into the COVID-19 lockdown, 45% of girls and 18% of boys felt at risk of anxiety.

Researchers say they were expecting an increase in anxiety levels due to the uncertainty that has come as a result of the pandemic. The overall 10% drop raises important questions about the impact of school on young people’s mental health.

The report published last week encourages schools to consider ways that they can better support the mental health of their pupils when schools re-open.

Access the full report here.

*Over 1,000 school pupils from 17 different secondary schools in the South West took part in the NIHR School for Public Health Research survey. 

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