Mindful mouthfuls – top tips for bringing mindfulness into your mealtimes

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In her new book, Nutrition Brought to Life, nutritional therapist author Kirsten Chick brings to life the science and research behind nutrition.

In this short excerpt,  Kirsten explores how to bring mindfulness into your mealtimes.

Three mindful mouthfuls

Setting the scene:

  • Even if you won’t be doing the cooking, take an active role in deciding what you’re going to eat. To help you make this decision, tune into what your body feels it might want – or not want – to eat today.
  • When it gets nearer to mealtimes, remind yourself of what you’re going to have. Envision it, and get a sense of what it’s going to taste and feel like.
  • Just before you eat, imagine a bubble of calm around you, a space that stretches out timelessly in all directions. Even if – in face especially if – you are surrounded by chaos and noise.

Mindful mouthfuls:

  1. When the food is in front of you, have a good look at it. Enjoy it like a work of art, or a beautiful view.
  2. Lean in and inhale the amazing smell of your meal.
  3. Allow and encourage a deep sense of gratitude and joy. Gratitude has an uncanny way of opening us up to receive things.
  4. Slowly savour the taste and sensations of your first mouthful, the temperature and textures, as you chew through your food thoroughly.
  5. Pause to gather some food onto your spoon or fork, and repeat the process for at least two mouthfuls.

Perfect posture:

Sit up straight as you swallow, and throughout and after your meal. This will help the mechanics of digestion, ensuring the food can travel easily through the plumbing of your digestive system and that the sphincters at each gateway can fully operate.

About Nutrition Brought to Life by Kirsten Chick

This complete guide brings to life the science and research behind nutrition to life. While at the same time providing opportunities to reflect on what you have learned, you can also explore new ways of eating and thinking about food, and new recipes. Rather than imposing rules that may only work for some, this book is designed to help you to find your way, with clear guidance and a myriad of useful tips and support.

Nutrition is not just about what food to put on your plate, but how well you digest, absorb and use it. It’s also about how food makes you feel, physically, mentally and emotionally.  Kirsten takes readers through every step of the process and explains how diet impacts every aspect of your health and well-being.

Price: £20, available from alchimiapublishing.com

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