Top tips for meditation and mindfulness


Finding yourself struggling to meditate or implement mindfulness strategies? In Dr Chatterjee’s 115th podcast of his series, he speaks to a handful of experts for some top tips for calming the mind and how to teach the brain to switch off.

  • Research the science

If you haven’t tried mindfulness before and have pre-conceptions about it, take the time to research the science before jumping in. Understanding the benefits and going in with a positive mindset can help to better embrace the practice.

  • Treat your mind as an ally of meditation

Often, people will get annoyed with their brain if thoughts pop up while trying to meditate. Embrace the thoughts that go through your mind, rather than focusing on dismissing them.

  • Centre yourself first thing in the morning

Take the time to centre yourself before you meditate, a good way to do this is to go outside and broaden your awareness or to take the time to be aware of your breath.

  • Make it a daily practice

A lot of people will try to meditate once a week for a longer period. The experts on this podcast advise that the best practice is to build ten minutes into your day and to make mindfulness a part of your routine.

Listen to Dr Chatterjee’s podcast, ‘Meditation and Mindfulness Made Easy: The Very Best Tips’.

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