Let’s work together and make some noise


For more than three months, FHT members have been diligently following government guidelines in order to protect the NHS, save lives and prevent the spread of COVID-19. It is therefore completely understandable that so many of you are feeling extremely frustrated by the government’s recent decision to reopen hairdressing and barbershops in England on 4 July, while other close contact services – including beauty, sports/massage therapy, and wellbeing and holistic services – have been told to remain closed ‘until further notice’ (see page 3 of these guidelines for more information).

While we all knew that the therapy industry was unlikely to get the ‘green light’ any time before 4 July, what we didn’t anticipate was that the government would reopen some close contact services ahead of others, without providing any scientific rationale as to why they were doing this.

In addition, the ‘road map’ for England seems to have dropped off a cliff, with no review dates announced or published by the government that go beyond ‘Step 3’ (4 July).

So, we think it’s time to make some noise. Together.

Throughout the pandemic, the FHT has been working closely with other professional organisations and stakeholders in the industry, both as a Core Member of the Integrated Healthcare Collaborative (IHC), and more recently through meetings with the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Beauty, Aesthetics and Wellbeing (APPG-BAW).

As such, we have already sent four letters to the Prime Minister and different Secretaries of State to represent the interests of our members (see our coronavirus statement for more information), but now we’d like to ask you for your support.

Sign this petition

Along with 20 other organisations and stakeholders in the complementary, traditional and natural healthcare industry, the FHT is a Core Member of the recently formed Integrative Healthcare Collaborative (IHC).

For seven weeks, the IHC has been waiting for approval of a parliamentary petition (a process that usually takes up to 7 days), asking the government to work with the IHC and its Core Members to produce guidelines for COVID-19 secure workplaces in this industry, and prioritise a safe return to work as soon as possible.

As the situation is now time critical and we cannot wait any longer, a petition has been launched on behalf of the IHC on change.org.

Read and sign the IHC petition

Email or write to your local MP

We have two template letters for you to choose from, both of which you can adapt and personalise, which will carry much more weight.

To get the most out of your letter:

  • Find the name and email address of your local MP at https://members.parliament.uk/FindYourMP
  • Address you local MP as ‘Mr/Ms/Dr’, writing MP after their name – for example, Mr Bloggs MP
  • Include your name and address – MPs only listen to concerns from their constituents, so will need your address and postcode to confirm that you are a constituent.
  • Make it personal – edit the letter to make it more personal and to reflect your own situation. Where indicated, use your own words to explain your contribution to the local industry and explain your concerns. This will help to make the letter more impactful.

Download a template letter written in collaboration with the IHC 

Download a template letter written in collaboration with the APPG-BAW 

Thank you for your support.

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