Dietary and physical activity intervention reduces LDL cholesterol level in children


A reduction in LDL cholesterol in children was achieved through family-based physical activity and dietary intervention, according to a study by researchers at the University of Eastern Finland.

The two-year study looked at the plasma lipids of over 500 children aged between six and eight years old. Researchers also examined which lifestyle intervention components had the greatest impact on plasma lipids.

Findings showed that lifestyle intervention had an impact on the LDL cholesterol concentration but no other plasma lipids. Decreasing the amount of fatty foods such as butter and high-fat milk is said to have played the most important role in decreasing the children’s LDL cholesterol concentration.

Researchers have suggested individualised and family-based dietary and physical activity counselling to help lower children’s LDL cholesterol, which could help to prevent artery wall thickening in later life.

Read the full study.

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