The power of aromatic memories


As part of Aromatherapy Awareness Week (8 -14 June), we share a feature contributed by Ann Carter and Peter Mackereth about how the value of aromatic memories combined with the voice in touch therapy. 

In this feature published in International Therapist, Issue 129, Summer 2019, Ann Carter and Peter Mackereth look at the relationship between scent and memories and how it can be used to enhance a clients experience when visiting for a touch therapy.

Ann and Peter explain the power of smell and how it is important to consider that not every client will have the same response to a scent. They write, ‘Tim Betts (1996) described the sense of smell as being very successful in helping to recall memories, even when the original aroma source(s) are absent. If the recall of an aromatic memory is positive, it is likely to trigger pleasant emotions and images. If the recall of the aroma is associated with an unhappy memory, feelings of sadness can be generated.’

Read the full article.

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