FHT is a Core Member of the newly formed Integrated Healthcare Collaborative (IHC)

Here IHC logo-1

The FHT is pleased to announce that it is a Core Member of the recently formed Integrated Healthcare Collaborative (IHC), which has already been busy lobbying the government to represent the interests of complementary therapy practitioners during COVID-19 (see www.fht.org.uk/coronavirus).

The IHC is a collection of more than 20 leading professional associations and stakeholders within complementary, traditional and natural healthcare, working together on common areas of interest, to increase access to these therapies, promote greater integration within conventional Western medicine and improve patient outcomes.

In December 2018, the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Integrated Healthcare (PGIH) published a report entitled Integrated healthcare: putting the pieces together (available at www.fht.org.uk/PGIH-report).

One of the key recommendations in the report was that: ‘professional associations […] should work more closely together on common issues and to share knowledge and experience. A formal collaborative should be established which brings together major associations to take the field forward collectively.’

It is from this that the IHC was formed, with the aim of achieving better health outcomes through greater integration of healthcare services.

The IHC builds on over 30 years of work and collaboration between the former PGIH and the leading organisations in the field.

For more information see www.theihc.org.uk

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