Finding your voice in a pandemic

finding_your_voice_peter_and_annIn this piece, Dr Peter Mackereth and Ann Carter talk about the power of the voice in creating a calm and relaxing space for our clients during the current climate.

Dr Mackereth and Ann Carter write, ‘To survive and thrive, we have to become more creative and find alternative approaches to offer our skills and abilitiesDue to the possibility of spreading infection, our main means of communication – the therapeutic use of touch – is no longer available.’

‘So, how do we adapt in the short-term and then in the longer-term find our way back to providing touch therapies? First, we need to remember our purpose in offering a therapy session; it is likely to be to promote relaxation, feelings of calm or wellbeing. So, let’s explore the potential for the resourceful use of the voice as a therapeutic and flexible approach.’

They provide useful tips such as person generated guided imagery, incorporating sensory language and pre-planning.

Read the full article at

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