The UK’s lockdown spending shifts to health and beauty products and equipment


Demand for health and beauty products has soared since lockdown, according to research company RedBrain.

Equipment such as hair scissors have had a rise in demand over 3000%, as well as a rise in demand for hair curlers, manicure glue and false nails.

As the COVID-19 crisis continues and we begin to deal with a ‘new normal’, RedBrain data shows online shopping trends in the UK have shifted from the early weeks of panic buying foods, exercise equipment and entertainment to wanting to look and feel fantastic.

Other beauty products in the UKs top 50 in demand products include hair pins, cuticle creams and oils, facial pore strips and waxing kits.

Alastair Campbell, Chief Growth Officer for RedBrain said, ‘We’ve seen a huge impact on all our lives recently from COVID-19 with fundamental shifts in online shopping patterns as we try to navigate the ‘new normal’.

‘It’s easy to think the world has stopped and life is put on hold but our data tells a different story. We are all going through similar experiences and buying lots of the same things, at the same times.’

Despite it being a positive sign that health and beauty are at the forefront of consumers’ minds, the sooner the public can get back to seeing a professional therapist the better as DIY health and beauty treatments can be a safety issue. It is important consumers buy from reputable suppliers, carry out patch tests (esp. for hair dyes, henna, tints, glues, etc), and take the time to use equipment properly (anything exercise related).

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