FHT Vice President, Judith Hadley, invites FHT members to join together in sharing healing from a distance


During this very worrying time, many people are in need of healing energy more than ever.

The good news? Sending reiki from a distance can be just as powerful as a ‘hands-on’ reiki healing session.

While strict social distancing measures are in place, I am especially mindful of friends and family members living alone and having no regular personal contact, leaving them feeling isolated. This loneliness can escalate to feelings of stress and anxiety, which risks developing into more complex health issues. As holistic therapists, we are very aware that the mind and body are intrinsically linked, and the health of one can impact the health of the other.

Distance healing – which is a Reiki Level 2 technique – can be used very effectively at any time of the day and there will always be a more powerful surge of energy when more than one healer participates at the same time.

The most universally known distance healing time is 10pm (UK time) and sessions can last for approximately 15-30 minutes. I prefer this time for a few reasons – it is late evening, young children are asleep and most of us are beginning to unwind before bed, making it easier to focus on the reiki energy being sent.

Starting from this evening (24 April), I invite all of FHT’s Reiki Level 2 practitioners to join together in a 15-minute session of distance healing at 10pm each night in aid of all coronavirus patients, NHS staff and key workers, in addition to our friends, families, neighbours, communities, planet and every living thing.

If you can’t make 10pm every evening, or that time doesn’t work for you, that’s also fine – whatever distance healing you can provide, at any time of the day, will be gratefully received by others and the universe.

Together, hopefully, we can make a difference. Thank you.

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