FHT staff: Things we love about the FHT Training Congress

With the 2020 FHT Training Congress just around the corner, we are looking forward to yet another fantastic event. With some of the team having attended every year since we started, here are just a few things that we love most about the Training Congress.

IMG_9598 (1)

Heidi, Education Executive at FHT, said, ‘I love seeing members learning new therapy topics from inspirational speakers and coming away feeling motivated to expand their skills. It is also a great opportunity for me to discover new therapies and meet new therapy teachers as it allows us to continue to build FHT’s education programme.’


Karen, Editor of International Therapist magazine at FHT, said, ‘I quite often help to check delegates into the seminar rooms, which I really enjoy. It means I get to meet lots of our lovely members and approach one or two of the speakers about writing an article for International Therapist.’


Alice, Relationship Executive at FHT, said, ‘My role involves speaking to lots of members over email and phone, so the FHT Training Congress is a fantastic opportunity to meet all the lovely members I speak to.’


Nicola, Accreditation Administrator at FHT, said, ‘The Training Congress is a wonderful opportunity for me to meet and build further relationships with our accredited course providers, it’s always lovely to hear how successful they have been and what they have been up to since gaining accreditation. It is also great to meet new potential course providers and provide them with information about how they can become FHT accredited.’


Jade, Marketing Manager at FHT, said, ‘My favourite thing about working at the FHT’s Training Congress is getting to meet our members in person – from friendly hello’s to in-depth chats – you can’t beat face-to-face conversations. I come away with a better understanding of our members’ needs, the challenges they face in an ever-evolving industry.’

Visit fht.org.uk/congress to book your place today.

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