Aromatherapy for sleep

Penny price and daughter ellieIn the latest in a series of interviews with 2020 FHT Training Congress expert speakers, we speak to Penny Price about aromatherapy and how it can improve the quality of sleep.

Tell us a bit of background about yourself…

I was introduced to aromatherapy through my mother Shirley Price, who had her own company from the 70s to the 90s. I had already trained as a hairdresser, beauty therapist and Christian Minister (yes a strange mix)! After mum’s business sold, I decided to go into education so completed a Masters degree – my dissertation was about helping children with learning difficulties adapt to different classroom situations. Then in 2003 I opened Penny Price Aromatherapy and I have never looked back! 

Give us an insight in to your normal day to day schedule…

Although the business began around teaching clinical aromatherapy and supplying natural and approved products (and we still do that), my day is taken up with formulation! I supply an aromatherapy formulation service, mainly to skincare companies, where we manufacture the products for them.

The process is that I look at what the client want their product to achieve, then I create samples with product stories for their marketing and do the costing. Lastly I hand the project over to my compliance team and to my daughter Ellie, who organises the manufacturing process. It is great to come to work when you love your job! 

What interests you outside of work?IMG_0366

I am married to an anglican priest and so being the vicar’s wife, I have a very full life outside of aromatherapy. I run the mother’s union, am part of the church choir, and being a minister myself, I help at every service. 

I also love reading, cleaning the house, eating out, entertaining and walking our two lovely black labradors. We also spend time with our lovely children and grandchildren whenever we can, so it’s a busy life! 

What is your Training Congress seminar about?

Aromatherapy for sleep! One of our modern ailments in this busy and stressful world is insomnia or being unable to sleep deeply enough for the body and mind to recover from the day’s work. Research has shown that aromatherapy techniques can effectively improve both sleep quality and the quality of life and is one of the best complementary health disciplines to do this.  

What will attendees of your seminar expect to come away with? 

I hope that the attendees will come away with confidence to treat conditions such as insomnia, bad dreams, restless legs, and other areas where sleep is not happening! Recipes and tips will be given freely along with different oils and blends of oils that can help best for different sleep ailments. These different areas of sleep deprivation will be explored so that the therapists will know better how to treat different individual clients and their own families. 

What would be your one piece of advice for therapists wanting to grow and develop their therapy practice? 

That’s easy. Be the best you can be. Don’t worry about competition, just do your own personal best in every aspect of your therapy, and clients will benefit more than I can say! 

Find out more about the 2020 FHT Congress and sign up at


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