‘Advanced microscopy and imaging techniques’ said to be the reason for new discoveries in human anatomy


According to an article by TheScientist, new parts of the human body have been discovered as a result of improved imaging techniques.

1. Lymphatic vessels in the meninges

It was previously believed that lymphatic vessels could be found in every part of the body except the brain. In 2015, scientists found lymphatic vessels in mouse meninges and in 2017 neuroimaging revealed that they are also in human meninges.

2. Reptile-like muscles in foetuses

A preliminary study on 13 foetuses found muscle formulations only currently found in reptiles and other animals. These were discovered using 3D imagery on the upper and lower limbs of 8- to 14-week-old embryos and foetuses.

3. Knee bone makes a comeback

A small bone in the knee called the Fabella is becoming more common in humans according to a recent study. Scientists found that humans were 3.5 times more likely to have the bone in 2018, compared to 1918. The cause is still being questioned but experts suggest that changes may be driven by diet.

Read more at TheScientist.com

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