FHT introduces GPs to the health benefits of aromatherapy at Clinical Open Day

Kate Mulliss presenting 2

The FHT was delighted to have the opportunity to give a presentation on aromatherapy to GPs and other healthcare professionals attending a Clinical Open Day in Bristol this February.

Organised by Dr Elizabeth Thompson and Dr Duncan Still from the National Centre for Integrative Medicine (NCIM), the one-day training event attracted more than 80 delegates and focused on how inflammation, which underpins many chronic conditions seen in daily practice, could be addressed using an integrative approach.

FHT member, Kate Mulliss, provided a 40-minute presentation that outlined which essential oils are commonly used in aromatherapy for their anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, while highlighting the importance of stress relief and supporting the client’s mental and emotional needs, which can also have a positive impact on symptoms and pain perception.

In addition, delegates got to enjoy a sensory experience towards the end of the talk, with Kate introducing them to the aroma of three essential oils cited in the presentation: spikenard, bergamot and lavender.

“I was absolutely delighted to be approached by the FHT to give this aromatherapy presentation,” says Kate, an experienced aromatherapy practitioner and training provider. “It was a fantastic opportunity not only to provide an overview of evidence-based aromatherapy approaches to chronic inflammation and autoimmune conditions, but to emphasise the importance of professional practice and what to look for when choosing an aromatherapist.” The closing slides of Kate’s presentation signposted delegates to the FHT website and highlighted the benefits of referring patients to practitioners listed on an Accredited Register.

Other speakers presenting on the day included consultant rheumatologist, Dr Lucie Wilk, who explained how psycho-emotional experiences shape our immune behaviour; Martin Powell, a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner and mycologist on the role of medicinal mushrooms; and personal trainer, Alisa Burke, on the benefits of physical activity for patients with inflammation and autoimmune disease.

For more information about the FHT and its Accredited Register, or to search for an aromatherapist, visit fht.org.uk.

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